Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef
General Information
Gender Male
Occupation Chef
Affiliations Sushi Girl
Status Alive
Debut Sushi Girl
Appearances Sushi Girl
Portrayed by Sonny Chiba
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Remember you are a tray. You must not move. You must not make eye contact. You must not react. No matter what you see... or hear.
— Sushi Chef to Sushi Girl

Sushi Chef (as Sonny Chiba) is a character seen in Sushi Girl.

Film Portrayal

Sushi Chef is portrayed by Sonny Chiba.

Sushi Girl

He is seen preparing the sushi in the begining of the film. As he prepares the sushi, someone throws a huge pile of money on the table. He then instructs Sushi Girl before leaving. Later, it is revealed that Sushi Girl had payed him. Later, as Sushi Girl enters a car to leave, he was driving it.


It appears as if he is working for Sushi Girl.


Sushi Girl
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