General Information
Gender Male
Affiliations Fish
Status Deceased
Debut Sushi Girl
Appearances Sushi Girl
Portrayed by James Duval
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So, it's gonna be one of those nights.
— Francis to Duke.

Francis is a character seen in the film.

Film Portrayal

James Duval portrayed Francis.

Sushi Girl

Francis had arrived as Crow, Duke and Max were talking. After that, Fish arrive and they all sit around the table. Duke then explains fugu and  the begin to eat. Max is anxious about getting his money.

Moments later, a flashback is seen. Francis is using the bathroom whilst Nelson speaks of Vinny Parker to Fish. After the flashback, Francis is around the table, he watches as Crow and Max torture Fish. In a next flashback, they rob the diamond store.

The scene goes back to the restaurant. Duke asks him if he wants to go next, he declines his offer.Duke becomes suspicious of  him.  Francis then uses the bathroom.  He vomits before sniffing a portion of crack. Then he unbuttons his shirt to reveal that he is wired. He goes back to the restaurateur. Fish is dead and Francis tries to turn Crow and Max against Duke. Francis is eventually shot by Duke.


He and others once follow the orders of Duke, but Francis doesn't go along the plan of torturing Fish.

He and Fish are very good friends.

He and Max are friends.

He and Crow are good friends.


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