This is a page of notable quotes from Fish.

Sushi Girl

  • "Hey, it’s your dad."
  • "Can you just…um, go get your mom?"

  • "Look I kept my mouth shut. What do they want from me?"
  • "Six years, five months and seventeen days if you count from the day of the arrest."
  • "All of this is for me?"

  • .....I fucking hate Sushi."
  • ...Yeah the cops took 'em, they're the only loose ends."
  • "What am I, fucking Harry Houdini?"

  • "Is the party over already?"
  • "Man I saved all you motherfuckers from prison."
  • "Stop wasting my time."
  • "What’s this got to do with the timer?"
  • "I remember, I fucked your mother."