Looks at the torture kit
General Information
Gender Male
Affiliations Max
Status Deceased
Debut Sushi Giri
Appearances Sushi Girl
Portrayed by Noah Hathaway
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Fish is major character seen in Sushi Girl (film).

Film Portrayal

He is  portrayed by Noah Hathaway.

Sushi Girl

Fish is released from prison, seconds later, he calls home. A boy answers the phone, that boy was his son. He asks who is calling him; Fish says it's his dad, the boy seem to have no memory of him and says his dad is at work. Fish tells the boy to go get his mother. Seconds later, a woman answers. Fish tells her that he just got out of prison, the girl ends the call.

Eventually he is picked up by a man. While in the car, he says that he didn't tell them anything. Later he arrives at the Duke's restaurant. There he is reacquainted with Duke, Francis, Max and Crow. Duke explains to him that this is his welcoming party.

After a while, Max is hesitant on getting his share of the money.  Later, in a flashback, Max is seen loading his gun with bullets. Nelson wants to use the bathroom, but Francis is using it. Nelson then tells the Vinny Parker story. Then, as Francis is finished, Nelson runs in the bathroom. Then, Duke gives everyone their mask and then he asked Fish to trade guns because the new guy always gets the smaller gun. The scene then jumps back to the present where Max and Crow are duck-taping him to the chair. Duke then tells him the origins of the timer and what his father did to him. Crow and Max then fights for a spot to torture Fish first. Max goes first, he snaps one of his rib. Crow then gets a hammer and a chopstick and uses 'acupuncture' as his torturing technique.

Another flashback is seen, this time, they drive to the where the diamonds are kept. Mike is shot and Schlomo is strangled. Then they are able to get the diamonds from Morris. Crow then manages to awaken Fish. Max then takes off one of his sock, puts a bottle in it and smashes it on the table. Max begins to beat him with the improvised weapon. Crow then goes over to him and touches his wound. Crow begins to take out his some of his teeth.

Fish tells them that he doesn't know the whereabouts of the diamond. Just as Fish was about to say something, Max runs over and beats him senseless. Later, his declared dead. In another flashback, the van crashes and Nelson dies in the crash. They all leave as they hear incoming sirens.


With the clues given in the film, it is speculated that he has no relationship with son.

It wasn't specified if that was his wife or ex-girlfriend. She moved on due to him being in jail.


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