— Duke to Crow.
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Duke is the main antagonist of Sushi Girl.

Film Portrayal

He is portrayed by Tony Todd.

Sushi Girl

In the beginning of the film, he enters the room where Sushi Girl is getting ready. He then tells her to hurry up.

Crow then enters from the back entrance and he soon meets Duke. The two then move in to the main dining area where Crow meets Sushi Girl. Crow asks if she is 'full service', but Duke says no. Max then arrives, then Francis. Later, Fish arrive and they sit around a table. Duke then tells them about sushi and fugu. They then eat. Max is hesitant about his money. Duke had commanded him to sit. Fish then says that he doesn't have them.

In a flashback, Duke listens as Nelson tells the Vinny Parker story to Fish. Later, Duke gives them all masks and switches guns with Fish. The scene goes back to the present where Max and Crow is taping Fish to a chair. Duke then gets his timer and tells the origins of it. Then Duke orders the others to torture him.

In another flashback, the van they were in arrive at the site where the diamonds are kept. Schlomo and Mike are killed. They enter to find that Morris handcuffed his hand to a bag where he placed the diamonds in. They cut off his hand. The scene goes back to where Max and Crow take turns torturing him. Duke then gets suspicious of Francis.

In a next flashback, the van crashes which results in Nelson's death.They are all shaken up by the crash. The man who was in the other car that crashed with them got shot twice by Duke. They all hear sirens approaching and they leave. Francis exits the bathroom and he tries to turn Max and Crow against Duke. Duke tells them that Francis is wearing a wire. Max runs over to him and burst open his shirt, but there is no wire. Seconds later, Duke shoots him. Max and Crow then shoots each other. Duke then shoots Max, then Crow.

Duke then goes over to the table and point the gun at Sushi Girl. He then eats some fugu before sitting down. He becomes immobilized by the poison. Sushi Girl then gets up and cuts off his finger to get her ring. Sushi Girl then shoots him dead.


It is not known how or when Duke discovered Sushi Girl. It is likely that she bumped into him at some point.

Crow seems to be his good friend.

As Fish said, Max does anything that Duke tells him to do.


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